Sea Me - Peixaria Moderna

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Derrick C
16 month ago
Enjoyed my meal. Instead of ordering from the menu, pick your preferred seafood.
Linnéa R
17 month ago
Best restaurant in the whole town, great staff and the food was excellent! Love!
Mariska B
18 month ago
Oisters! And try the fish Market
Mariska B
18 month ago
Really nice, delicious sushi, awesome oisters, good service. Must visit when in Lisbon!
Nataliia D
19 month ago
Tartare of the day 🖤
Bernardo B
19 month ago
Niguiri de sardinha 👏🏼
Tino U
19 month ago
I can recommend this restaurant! Oysters, shrimp and fish were excellent, the wine list was well stocked. The service was competent, even though it was not perfect.
Valentine S
19 month ago
Genius place ever, best fish in Lisbon
Maria G
19 month ago
Just a delight! The seafood selection is excellent, white sangria with chili peppers is unreal, everything is prepared very tasty! thank)
Alexander N
19 month ago
fish is really great, but the rest is terrible. Service, smell, interior - it just doesn’t feels ok. Fish in nigiri was good, rice is really bad. And it’s really pricey. Not recommend.
  • R. do Loreto, 21, 1200-241 리스본, 포르트칼, GPS: 38.710705,-9.144251
  • +351 21 346 1565
  • 월–목 오후 12:30–오후 3:30 오후 7:30–자정
    오후 12:30–오후 3:30 오후 7:30–오전 1:00
    오후 12:30–오전 1:00
    오후 12:30–자정