Coney Island Hospital

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Nicholas S
25 month ago
The Podiatry Wound Care clinic offers a large variety of wound care products and technologies to facilitate wound closure for patients with chronic wounds.
Юля Б
27 month ago
Hello!looking for information about my uncle Nikolai Zuyko, born in 1952. There is information that he was in your hospital. if there is any information please write to
Margot M
82 month ago
Close your eyes and put your finger on a list of NYC hospitals. Youll land on one better than CIH.
Arjun R
89 month ago
Bring your own water bottle whether you work here or seeking treatment. There's only one water fountain in the psych department. On the fourth floor.
John F
102 month ago
Gift shop is now open in the tower lobby. At the moment it's the only place to buy a coffee in the hospital.
Joshua S
104 month ago
Try the Coconut Water......if there's absolutely nothing else left to drink
Chris C
123 month ago
Au Bon Pain no longer accepting credit cards because customers have had their card numbers stolen. Many coworkers received credit card bills in the thousands. Cash only.
Tim T
126 month ago
Try out the new Au Bon Pain. Really good soups and the peach iced tea is amazing!
Karina .
129 month ago
I swear, it feels like this hospital is out to kill their patients!!! Especially in their ER. And if you get admitted to the 7th floor- good luck when you call for a nurse! Takes 2hrs!
John F
129 month ago
The coffee in the 1st floor gift shop is supposed to be better than the stuff in the 2nd floor cafeteria, but that's a relative comparison.