Books Kinokuniya (مكتبة كينوكونيا)

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Eman A
35 month ago
One of my favorites bookstores. They have large and updated editions on different categories and areas. Desk information service is provided and they are very helpful.
47 month ago
My favorite bookstore in Dubai. You can find any book you could think of. It's more expensive than other bookstore though.
AlAnoud A
49 month ago
A bookworm's heaven on earth.. everything is categorized it's just insane! Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here people!
52 month ago
I think this is the best bookstore in the Arab countries. The collection and array and service is incredible
Saad M ™ ®
55 month ago
مكتبه كبيره تنظيم رائع ومجموعه كبيره من الكتب المؤسف بالموضوع انك في دوله عربيه والكتب العربيه في آخر المكتبه من الصعوبة إيجاد القسم العربي 😒
Meera 1
56 month ago
I liked it very much, initially just went to see what it looks like. I was surprised by the variable options they have: the books, stationary and the animation stuff. The cafe inside was good too.
63 month ago
My fave hang out place- they have all the books you need! You can go to their cafe and read, it's really cool.Also, the toilet is just very close.
Heinie Brian H
75 month ago
It's a REALLY Huge Bookstore that Sells Toys too! The Staff Keep on Telling People to Stop Taking Pics Though... Large Collection of #Funkopop for All You Collectors :-)
Marie V
87 month ago
This is officially the best bookstore I've ever been to. The YA section is enormous, it's even bigger than at Waterstone's Picadilly in London (that one is HUGE). YA lovers, this is the place for you
Jo S
101 month ago
Best bookstore in town .... Big in space, yet has all books that you can ever think of! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. There is also a small little cafe if you wish to read in peace :)