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Kimberly B
22 month ago
Try the bar on the third floor. Nice selection of wines. Perfect respite after shopping.
Josh v
29 month ago
One of the best shopping places to go to for everything you want and need. Pricey, but awesome customer service
Christopher B
32 month ago
Shop like a man: 1) Order online 2) Pick up in store 3) Enter the "Men's Door" (South side, facing Monorail) 4) Go downstairs, retrieve order at back pick-up window 5) Stop for shoe shine on way out
Larry S
56 month ago
nice bar on the 3rd floor. skip the shopping and go for drinks
Nads Y
68 month ago
Flagship Nordys Store #1: best customer service hands down. Don't forget to take your receipt to concierge for parking tokens
Andrew Y
75 month ago
Their men's shoe department is the best here. I always get amazing service.
Elyse E
97 month ago
If you're from out of town where your sales tax is less than the nearly 10% they charge in Seattle then get your purchase shipped for free at your home state's tax level. Great for NYCers!
Rocky Y
98 month ago
Best and most reasonably priced shoe shine anywhere.
Ann D
102 month ago
Valet is very reasonably priced - close to on par with street parking prices. And you can check bags at Concierge (which is just inside the store by valet) while you shop!
GQ Magazine
106 month ago
Little-known secret: Any given Nordstrom moves more high fashion than all your favorite boutiques combined. The Seattle location is hard to beat—proximity to the company's HQ helps.
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