Tbilisi Central | თბილისი ცენტრალი (თბილისი ცენტრალი)

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Lika T
31 month ago
В центре Тбилиси, на площади Свободы №4 (рядом с Кортъярд Марриотт в арке) есть хранилище багажа. Очень удобно, потому что это самообслуживание и вы можете использовать сервис в течение 24 часов.
Anton B
43 month ago
Бесплатный вай фай можно найти возле эскалаторов напротив Tbc банка. Рядом с вокзалом самый хороший курс рубля в Тбилиси. И поесть в турецкой шаурмячной за рынком можно хорошо
45 month ago
Простенький вокзальчик, не заблудитесь. В нем ОЧЕНЬ много магазинов электроники. Такое ощущение, что к торговому центру пристроили станцию)
Shima S
47 month ago
Some ticket sellers know English and are very helpful, but some don't and like most Georgians start yelling as soon as you don't get what they mean. Toilet for money. Long queues for buying ticket.
Ilya T
59 month ago
Free Wi-Fi can be found. Metro entrance is to the right from southern exit from the station. Bus No. 37 to the airport also stops near southern exit. Ticket office is on the last floor.
Tamaz M
81 month ago
Central railway station and hub in Georgia. Also a big mall. A lot of big electronic shops, also there are LC Waikiki, Collezzione, Lotto, FA Factory. Don't miss the stand with jelly beans ;-)
Yasemin T
82 month ago
Hızlı alışveriş için güzel bir yer özellikle elektronikte 👍
Giga S
91 month ago
Tbilisi’s main train station is the railway hub of Georgia. Trains from Tbilisi are relatively slow and infrequent but comfortable and cheap. Trains to Baku and Yerevan leave from here as well.
David C
95 month ago
Station is too busy in summertime. Try to get tickets early or you'll have to pay double price for first-class. Imho the only valuable advantage you'll get there is free WiFi.
Eugene P
107 month ago
Baggage locker: from the central entrance 1 elevator up (from ground to 1st floor), look front and right from the next elevator, there's a door to the 1st track. The lockers are in the underpass.