Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) (Murtala Muhammed International Airport)

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Darren K
59 month ago
Corrupted TSA will rob you clean. If they ask for money, pretend you don't know what they are saying. If they said "wheres your cash?" Don't take it out. Repeat loudly so the superiors can hear.
Idemudia D
80 month ago
Need to prepare yourself for this airport. Not the easiest place to be. Make sure you get there early enough cause checkin, health screening, security may take some time....
vytas p
80 month ago
If you go by visa on arrival, please make sure you have approval from immigration. Payment is not enough. This missing sheet of paper just sent me back home and cost me a ruined business week.
Paddy A
82 month ago
Remember that you do not have to give bribe, but tipping is expected and can go a long way if you cannot stand queues.Once through it all you really have a fine choices of lounges or the Heineken Bar.
Obinna O
87 month ago
South African Airways was wonderful.really comfortable flight.
Tomantha M
90 month ago
Not the best organized airport but transfer immigration officers were lovely!!!! They will help without the b.s. (but with many jokes). Trust them and dont worry!
Olusegun O
93 month ago
Had an impressively fast check-in @ d new immigration near the lufthansa spot. Took less than 5mins and quite spacious.Good to see some improvement @ d airport
Ice L
97 month ago
A new experience. Though not too pleasant but it is still a new experience with different countries immigration. Just be firm and calm.
Tanya L
97 month ago
The individual who created antibacterial gel must have done so shortly after a visit to this airport. Give yourself two hours just to check in, it's that insane. Sell your soul for access to a lounge.
Mark T
122 month ago
Just be polite and patient. Everything will go just fine. Many of the VIP lounges can be accessed by paying a fee. Worthwhile if you have a long wait.