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Fliss K
97 month ago
Best asda ever very easy to navigate very friendly staff and good stock just avoid Saturday's they are busy but any other day is good x
Damian R
97 month ago
worst asda just cos its based in radcliffe n radcliffe is a shithole
Kyle E
107 month ago
The speed bumps are absolutely ridiculous! Not good for the suspension at all!! Too much!!
Michael J
107 month ago
As the Mayor of this ASDA I can say this is the worst ASDA I have ever been to, if you but too much of a product and they have to keep restocking the shelves they will stop selling, It smells of mold.
Angela R
108 month ago
Best ever Asda, nice friendly staff I'm in there every day, Saturday is a bad day to pick, but you expect that at them all, I like this Asda ,
Helena H
122 month ago
Do NOT go on a Saturday afternoon. You will not get out alive. You have been warned!
Amanda M
123 month ago
Get in and out as fast as you can it's the worst asda I've ever been to absolutely shite =@
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