Budapesti Állatkert | Budapest Zoo (Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert)

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Balazs F
8 month ago
I've never understood how is this possible, that much smaller towns in Hungary like Nyíregyháza, Veszprém have way better zoos. But the night walks during some summer occasions are really informative.
Marta B
16 month ago
Probably the worst Zoo I’ve ever been at. Dirty area, poor animals, bad smells
16 month ago
The cages seem somewhat tiny at times, but overall nice place. You can see many animals from up close. Make sure to take cash, as cafes don’t accept card payments.
Petra V
18 month ago
Very good little psychiatry. There are many mentally ill, many closed class, many nurse and psychiatrist, and the mentally ill are waiting to be photographed by the naked, naked in the cage, drugged.
Gabor S
18 month ago
Best place with children, there are always new attractions to see. Seal show is always a must.
19 month ago
Nice and large zoo. Must visit!
Burak B
22 month ago
Çok eğlenceli, iyi dizayn edilmiş bir hayvanat bahçesi. Sivrisineklere dikkat, koruma almadan gelmeyin :) fokların gösterisi mükemmeldi. çocuğunuzla eğlenceli zaman geçireceğiniz bir yer
Jakub L
24 month ago
Worst zoo I have ever visited. More than half of the spaces for animals are empty, the animals live in dirty cages. There is a lot of trash everywhere left by the visitors. Never ever again.
Ekaterina F
26 month ago
Большой,интересный,множество площадок и досуга помимо зверей)ухоженные животные! Из еды только стрит фуд,но много и по типу кафе
Anton A
28 month ago
Несмотря на то, что я был здесь зимой, мне очень понравилось. Почти контактный зоопарк))
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